Android users drive safer

Android users drive safer

The biggest differences are in the area of ​​interest. They found out using smartphones while driving. Android users are more likely to stay away from their phones while driving. Android scored 74 points and iOS 68 points. Perhaps the most surprising result: Android users scored higher regardless of age, gender, marital status, education, and credit history—characteristics on the other hand that are strong predictors of safe driving outcomes. An average was calculated across all categories, with Android users scoring 75 points against 69 for iOS.

Drivers who use Android cellphones are more respectful of other road users than those who use Apple’s competitive iPhones. This was demonstrated by a research undertaken at the national level by the Jerry Insurance Agency As a result, Android users improve in every category that concerns driving safety – speed limit observance, avoiding turning, cornering, stopping, and accelerating.


  • iPhone users are younger than Android users, and age is a strong indicator of safe driving given young people’s increased risk-taking attitudes. But Android users of all ages are outperforming their peers and even some older iPhone users. The largest differences were found in the category of distraction. Jerry is based on how often the driver uses his smartphone while driving. iPhone users find it more difficult to leave their phones alone while driving. But that won’t explain the highest scores for Android users across all categories and demographics.

  • Regardless of the operating systems used, married seniors, homeowners living in the Midwest, and drivers with a bachelor’s degree or higher and with higher credit ratings scored the most, meaning they drove more safely. Generally, PhD graduates get the highest scores, no matter what operating system they use. These are followed by those with master’s and bachelor’s degrees. On the other hand, Android users without a high school diploma scored higher than iPhone users with doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees.

According to analysts, other studies show that Android users are more conscientious and honest than iOS users. The ex are also less willing to break the rules. On the other hand, iPhone users show higher levels of irritability, according to the results, which means that they are less consistent and predictable in their behaviour. That probably translates to higher acceleration, braking, and higher speeds — all behaviors that lower scores, Jerry suspects.