Android TV while for Google TV

Android TV while for Google TV

Starting with the Chromecast with Google TV in 2020, Google TV has emerged as the new TV operating system from Google, and has since shown up on smart TVs and other Android streaming devices. By 2022, we expect all new Google-based devices to be using Google TV instead of Android TV. Calling Google TV the replacement for Android TV is a bit imprecise, though. Google TV is more of a rebranding, since the underlying software is still Android. In fact, it would be accurate to say that Google TV is the new name for Android TV.

Everything is new on Google TV, from show browsing to smart home management. With the recent release of new TCL Google TV models, as well as the most recent Google Chromecast with Google TV, there is no doubt that the Google TV is here to stay. The new Google TV platform is more than simply a rebranded version of Android TV. It’s a cleaner, more intuitive, and more powerful operating system for your smart TV, providing additional capabilities to TVs and firmly positioning smart TVs in the Google ecosystem. With Google TV models and Android TV devices on the market this year, it’s worth wondering what the distinction is. Google TV introduces a slew of new features and capabilities.


  • recommendations, cycling through movies and shows with big, beautiful proportional photos. These recommendations are drawn from your own preferences, pulled from the streaming services you use, the shows you watch, and some predictive magic from Google. Compared to the older Android interface, which offered the scrolling menu of row after row of apps and app specific content recommendations, the new Google TV interface looks much cleaner, and easier for finding something to watch without having to browse app by app.

  • That also means that a lot of the core functionality you enjoyed with Android TV is still available on Google TV products. The broad selection of apps available through the Google Play Store is still offered for Google TV sets. And the unique functionality of built-in Google Chromecast hasn’t gone anywhere either, making it dead simple to share content from phones, tablets and laptops to your smart TV. What has changed? Google has refined the Android TV experience with a greater emphasis on personalized content, tailored recommendations, and functionality that extends beyond the TV and living room, letting you use the smart TV as a hub for your entire house full of connected devices.

Some of these differences may not be long lived, however. Android TVs are getting updates that tweak the appearance to look and function a little more like Google TV. These differences may not roll out all at once, and the timing may vary by manufacturer and even model. Regardless, the evolution of Android TV continues, with Google TV being the next major step.