Android Auto will receive a massive redesign soon

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Split-screen functionality was also an option available only on a handful of vehicles, and where it was not, the Android Auto’s active functions appeared small and in the centre, with big brackets around it. Google says Android Auto now has the ability to scale and conform to any screen, regardless of its shape or size, and can also make split-screen functionality available in any vehicle.

Google said at its annual I/O conference that Android Auto, its popular in-car smartphone connection interface, is getting a major update. The key enhancements will focus on increasing the software’s flexibility and usability. The key issue that the new version will solve is inconsistency in the user interface (UI) across a wide range of screen sizes and shapes. Android Auto must scale and alter to fit when carmakers develop varied screens to suit their unique cars’ interiors. The screens can be landscape or portrait in orientation, and their aspect ratios can vary as well — for example, 16:9 in a Hyundai i20, 4:3 in a Land Rover Defender, and 9:16 in a Volvo XC60.


  • Last but not least, Google Assistant – the brand’s voice-operated search and command interface – will been given an upgrade too. It will automatically suggest replies to your messages and can even share your estimated time of arrival with a contact. It will also suggest new music and playlists based on your listening history. These changes will roll out gradually over ‘the coming months’, according to Google, and could vary based on your vehicle and mobile device as well. Do you prefer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to a car’s native infotainment interface? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Google is also giving Android Auto an aesthetic upgrade, with the general UI as well as the overall layout closely following the ‘Material Design’ template of the latest Android devices. Moreover, there will be a rethink of the UI’s primary interface. According to Google’s data, most consumers primarily use Android Auto for three functions – navigation, media and communication. As such, the Android Auto screen will now be have dedicated tiles for these three functions. User can see all three options on the screen at all times, and can then tap on one function to have it fill the screen.


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