Android 13’s Bedtime mode may be able to automatically dim the background

Android 13's Bedtime mode may be able to automatically dim the background

Bedtime Mode is a feature currently available with Android. Basically, it brings a lot of options to make it more comfortable for you to scroll through that ‘one post’ on social media (and the ten more) in bed before finally giving up and sleeping. In fact, Bedtime Mode is a part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite of features, and you can now set a schedule to put your phone into grayscale, disable the Always-On display, and activate Do Not Disturb for your quiet evening routine.

While we wait to see what Google will show off during Google I/O for Android 13, 9to5Google discovered hints of the next significant OS upgrade for Android users in APK code. Those glances hint to what improvements Android 13 will offer, and this time, 9to5Google discovered references to Digital Wellbeing being made even more beneficial for those of us who look at our phones at night. With Android 13, Digital Wellbeing will be able to darken the wallpaper at night.


  • Android 13 is going to further enhance this capability. According to code that 9to5Google found in the most recent Google Play Store update, you will get the possibility to automatically dim your phone’s wallpaper. In the images below, you can see a few examples of dimmed wallpaper, ranging from 0 (the feature is disabled) to the full 100%, where the wallpaper appears plain black. This way, even if you have a fancy ultra-colorful and bright wallpaper, it won’t poke your eyes out in the darkness of your bedroom. It is not yet clear what percentage of dimming you will be able to set up with Bedtime Mode. Additionally, if your phone is not running Android 13, you might get an option to suggest you to “use a dark background”.