Android 13 is developing a tool that – will wait – will slow down your data

Android 13 is developing a tool that - will wait - will slow down your data

Esper’s Mishaal Rahman reports that Google has added new code to Android’s network connectivity APIs for limiting bandwidth in Android 13 Developer Preview 2. The software will allow developers to limit speeds on any network (either Wi-Fi or cellular) they want to evaluate, and should support per-network settings, letting devs fine-tune their testing environment.

We all have hundreds upon dozens of apps on our phones, but how much do you consider the effort that goes into making ensuring they perform as well as they do (for the most part)? Developers must test their software in a variety of scenarios in order to predict what a user might encounter. That includes dealing with poor internet connectivity, as an app must function effectively regardless of how fast or slow the connection is. So far, Android developers haven’t had a good means to test this, but Android 13 appears to be aiming to change that.


  • None of this is functional yet in our current preview release, but the report confirms that Google is implementing a setting in developer options that should become available in the first full beta of Android 13, due sometime next month. Until then, developers will have to simulate slow network connectivity through other means. While we await the betas, you can get caught up with all the other changes arriving with DP2, or follow our installation guide to try out Android 13 on your own Pixel.

  • We’ve talked about some Android 13 features that won’t work on all devices running the OS(like flashlight brightness adjustment), and this appears to be another. The new bandwidth rate-limiting API will only function on devices with a compatible kernel — one that’s built with certain config options, including CONFIG_NET_SCHED and CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about all that, so long as your favorite app’s developer has a compatible device.