And the iPhone 14 will be the end of iPhone 11

And the iPhone 14 will be the end of iPhone 11

Indeed, history tells us that it’s not unusual for Apple to cut the iPhone range following the launch of a new model. “Some people familiar with the matter even claim that the iPhone 11 has sold ‘more than average’ since the iPhone SE was announced, and that makes perfect sense,” states iDropNews.

According to new information, the iPhone 11 will be phased out once the iPhone 14 range is released. The iPhone 14 will effectively obliterate the iPhone 11. According to the newest phone speculations, the iPhone 11 will be phased out of Apple’s smartphone lineup when the iPhone 14 arrives in September this year. According to iDropNews sources, the iPhone 11 isn’t being phased out because it’s growing old, but because it’ll be a direct competition to Apple’s new iPhone SE (2022), which was released earlier this year.


  • Assuming that Apple sticks to its usual schedule this year, then the new range consisting of the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will all be launched in September – so we won’t have long to wait to find out the fate of the 11. Rachael is a British journalist with 18 years experience in the publishing industry. Since working on, she’s been freelancing, and contributing to some of the world’s best-loved websites and magazines including and and has also had a book, iPad for Photographers, published. She’s currently acting as editor of – a website specializing in the latest cellular technology.

  • Indeed, it makes sense that the iPhone 11 has sold more than the new iPhone SE since its arrival. Although the new iPhone SE is the cheapest at £419 / $429 / AU$719 with 64GB of storage directly from Apple, the iPhone 11 costing $499 / £489 / AU$849 with 64GB of storage has the more up-to-date looking design and has boasts an extra camera on the back.  Interestingly, iDropNews’ sources tip that the iPhone 12 will stay in Apple’s line-up for another year, but will be reduced in price – potentially to the iPhone 11’s current price ($499 / £489 / AU$849 with 64GB of storage).