And the Apple iPhone SE superior to Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

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While Samsung got points for its sleek design and iconic display, iPhone SE won for its camera. For some specifications, the competition was truly tough. For instance, when considering special features and battery life, both the devices had a tie. “It certainly doesn’t look as attractive, and its screen isn’t as tempting,” Chandler said towards the end of his blog article, “but it trumps Samsung’s gadget in some critical ways.”

According to Digital Trends, the new Apple iPhone SE outperforms the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G in terms of overall performance. We’ve all heard about the smartphone rivalry between Apple and Samsung. Simon Chandler, a technology and financial journalist based in London, compared the two phones, examining various specifications and awarding points to each.


  • In other words: an iPhone 14 Max will be circa $200 cheaper than an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Now let’s break this down. Currently, an iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1099 which would price an iPhone 14 Max at $899 – a $200 increase on the $699 iPhone 13 Mini it replaces. But not so fast. The flying camera on the Vivo Drone Camera Phone can be slid out of the phone to take pictures from a distance. This is the world’s first flying camera phone, with some impressive capabilities, and it will costs Rs 2,07,999 Pakistani rupees.

  • He choose iPhone SE over Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for the durability of its updates, superior camera, and speedier performance. Concluding his comparison, he said that the Galaxy model continues to be a good low-cost device and will not disappoint “Android or Samsung fans”. There have been a number of resources confirmed about the design and key features of the upcoming iPhone 14 series. Furthermore, a new leak has suggested the price leak of the series. According to the prominent LeaksApplePro, iPhone 14 Pro Max will land for $1199.