An exciting new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera leak for eager fans

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been hailed for its camera performance, leaving Samsung with quite the daunting task of delivering a device that outperforms it next year. The Galaxy S23 Ultra could be exactly that, it appears, in light of new information. As revealed by Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will sport a 200 MP camera. That has been rumored for quite a while but the leaker now clarifies one major tidbit: the Galaxy S23 Ultra will indeed feature a 200 MP main camera but that camera has yet to be released. Only two 200 MP smartphone sensors exist at the moment: the ISOCELL HP1 and HP3—both produced by Samsung. The HP3 is a mid-range sensor, and the HP1 will debut on Motorola’s X30 Pro or Edge 30 Ultra. In fact, the leaker confirms that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200 MP isn’t the HP1 in question.

The recent Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera leak is good news for eager users. Concept art for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. (Referring to TechnizoConcept) Concept art for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. TechnizoConcept, n.d. Ice Universe, a typically trustworthy leaker, has already confirmed one element regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, the top-of-the-line next-generation model. The 200 MP camera on the flagship will undoubtedly be present, but the specific sensor has not yet been revealed.


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  • While it’s difficult to guess possible specifications of the 200 MP sensor destined for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it can be expected to outperform the 1/1.22-inch HP1 on the upcoming Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra debuted earlier this month with the 1-inch IMX989, and there’s a possibility Samsung delivers a sensor within that ballpark.


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