“An exciting narrative adventure game” says the description. Sopa has been revealed for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

He must venture through a world of endless deserts, floating mountains, and talking beasts, outsmarting thieves and meeting quirky characters along the way. But each time he returns to the kitchen with an ingredient, he’s a little bit taller, and his grandmother a little bit olde.

Sopa, “an emotional narrative adventure about the things we pass along,” has been revealed by StudioBando for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). It will be released in 2023. Here’s a quick rundown of the game from its Steam page: When Miho goes into the pantry to retrieve a potato for his grandmother’s soup, he finds himself transported to a faraway fantasy country, where he must follow the steps of a mystery great traveller who came before him.


  • From the news www.gematsu.com

  • Beautiful narrative adventure inspired by Spirited Away, The Little Prince, and Coco. Explore fantastic original worlds in full 3D Disney / Pixar-like art style. Laugh-out-loud dialogue pulls you into the world. Emotional subtext for a mature audience, while being fun and accessible to a younger one. Solve puzzles, engage in quick-time events, learn songs.