An Android 13 thirst trap is drawn by a Dragon Ball super artist

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After all, it has been a long time since Android 13 showed his face in Dragon Ball. The character was introduced on the big screen with Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13. The film follows the fighter after Dr. Gero’s supercomputer manages to finish his build, and it doesn’t take long before Android 13 finds Goku and Vegeta. The android ends up consuming parts of his successors to become even more powerful, and Super Android 13 gives our Saiyans an impressive battle. But in the end, the android is killed alongside Dr. Gero’s autonomous computer. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Introduces a New Kind of Android | Dragon Ball Super Hypes Android 14 with New Sketch

Dragon Ball Super has been quiet since its anime ended some years ago, but it is now set to resume production. Despite a brief delay, the series has set a date for its next film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which promises to feature some brand-new androids. And to commemorate the occasion, the Dragon Ball Super manga’s artist has created an Android 13 thirst trap. If you haven’t seen it yet, the artwork may be found on the official Dragon Ball website. It was then that Toyotaro resurrected Android 13, and admirers remark they had forgotten how ripped the fighter was.


  • The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super’s manga has arrived, and with it, we are finally shown how exactly Goku’s father, Bardock, was able to defeat the Heeter known as Gas before Frieza blew up the Planet Vegeta. While the fight itself lived up to the standard of what we’ve seen in the past for the Dragon Ball franchise, the long-awaited reveal as to how Bardock was able to take down the Heeter was a disappointment and is a part of some of the major problems that have been plaguing the sequel series throughout its run.

  • Obviously, the android was meant to be a one-off character meant just for the big screen, but Toyotaro doesn’t want to leave the fighter in obscurity. His special sketch has fans revisiting the android after all these years. And as Dragon Ball Super prepares to introduce more androids in theaters, this thirst trap hits just right. What do you think of this latest sketch? Does Dragon Ball need to revive some of its old-school androids? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

The Saiyans ability to evolve while fighting has somewhat changed over the years, with their power able to skyrocket, in the past, when they came close to death, but seemingly, in Dragon Ball Super, their energy simply increases during a fight. Giving Bardock this wild new ability out of nowhere, after Goku’s father has barely fought Gas, is just too convenient in terms of storytelling, and could have been rectified if Bardock had come close to death and been revived by Monaito. If Bardock could simply increase his energy in this case, why wouldn’t he have the same option when placed in front of Frieza?

As readers know, Bardock was able to achieve a new level of power, seemingly giving himself a new form in the process of managing to take down Gas. While you can attribute this to the idea that perhaps it has to do with Bardock losing his tail, or simply wanting to win just that much, it feels like a cop-out when Goku’s father is able to take the victory just because. After so many months of building up the mystery behind why Bardock was able to defeat Gas, a being that was seemingly far stronger than he was with his power level being at around ten thousand at the time, pulling a win out of thin air doesn’t give Goku and company much information to rely on in their fight in the present, and it gives readers even less.

In Dragon Ball Super, power increases just happen and the emotional beats that helped make the likes of Super Saiyan 1 and 2 so effective are gone. Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, and now Bardock’s new energy increase happen because the story needs them to happen and that’s a major crack in the armor for the Granolah Arc. How do you think the fight between Bardock and Gas could have been improved? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super has just explained how Bardock – Father of Goku – lost his tail. That little anecdotal detail is included in the much larger story of how Bardock heroically stepped up to battle powerful evildoers during the genocide on Planet Cereal. Bardock broke from the ranks of the Freeza Force to make sure that the last living Cerealian (Granolah) made it out of the massacre alive – as well as the final Namekian left on Cereal. As we see in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83, Bardock’s heroism came at some significant cost! In “Bardock vs. Gas, Part 2” Dragon Ball Super finally reveals the long-awaited flashback to Goku’s fight with Gas – and the significant milestone that it was. Bardock stood strong against Gas – going so far as to refuse a wish from the Cerealian Great Dragon, after Monaito tried to use his Dragon Balls to give Bardock the edge to win – or flee.

Instead, Bardock reveals that he is a purist when it comes to the idea of being Saiyan: his only whim is to keep battling a worthy opponent and push past all limit: “A Saiyan would rather die than run from an enemy!” Bardock screams at Gas in battle. Despite his best efforts, Bardock can’t take Gas out. When Bardock is down, Gas for the sadistic move of grabbing the Saiyan warrior by his tail, yanking it tight, and kicking Bardock hard enough to rip it right out of his butt! The move leaves Bardock severely injured, and nearly lets Gas go in for the kill (if not for a save from Monaito).  


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