‘Amit Shah Chanakyof politics’: how netizens reacted to Sasikala’s move to ‘step aside’ from

Defeated the sudden announcement of the AIADMK leader VK Sasikala to “stay away from politics ”, weeks before the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, took everyone by surprise.

Since the move comes just a week after calling on Jayalalithaa’s “true loyalists” to “unite” to ensure the AIADMK government is voted back to power in the April 6 assembly election, netizens are committed to explore the reasons behind the move.

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While some hailed Interior Minister Amit Shah as the “Chanakya of politics” and pointed out that “Sasikala’s game is over without even starting”, others have said that Jayalalithaa’s close associate is just “staying away” not quitting. from policy.

Amit Shah: the “Chanakya of politics”

‘Stalin shocked’

Sasikala retired ..

EPS, OPS Surprised..Stalin Shocked .. @ AmitShah Ji proved once again that he is a great chanakya in politics ..

– Jeeva Uma (@JeevaUma_BJP) March 4, 2021

In his statement, Sasikala called for unity among the “true supporters” of the late AIADMK supreme Jayalalithaa to ward off the “common enemy” DMK. from power. Twitterati wondered if its move is solely for the benefit of the AIADMK-BJP alliance in the Assembly’s polls to be held in a single phase on April 6, 2021.

Exploring the “game plan”, a social media user said Sasikala’s move is the most logical way to create “a formidable alliance”, because if he stands with or …