AMD RX 6500 XT and RX 6400 renders have been leaked

AMD RX 6500 XT and RX 6400 renders have been leaked

Some rendered photos of AMD’s future Navi 24 GPUs have been circulating the internet. In particular, the images show the Radeon RX 6500 XT and the RX 6400. Additional details suggest that these will be more entry-level GPUs, with 4 GB of RAM on possibly a 64-bit bus, and with just 1,024 cores. This makes them much less powerful cards than, say, the RX 6900 or RX 6800 which have four times as much memory. Click here to see the images.

It might be argued that the GPU business is bursting at the seams with options for gamers and PC aficionados, and it appears like there will be even more in the next year. Intel is preparing to debut its ARC line of devices, Nvidia is following closely after with many products said to be on the road, and AMD is also hoping to stay afloat with a slew of new launches. In terms of the latter, there have been reports of certain future graphics cards, and some photographs of what these may look like have been released.


  • With the ongoing tech crisis brought on by lack of sufficient semiconductors, companies like Intel believe the shortages could go on until 2023. This means that all three technology giants may be about to unleash a host of hardware into an uncertain market in which consumers are struggling to get hold of any new graphics card. Even if they can, it’s likely that they are having to pay way above the MSRP for the privilege, which a lot of people will be put off by given how expensive things can be.

  • Recently, Lenovo accidentally listed the AMD 6500 XT, which was promptly taken down. However, this was not before a leaker managed to screenshot the page and upload it to their Twitter profile. While the information has not been confirmed by official sources, the fact that the GPU appeared in a listing in the first place suggests that the details captured are likely to be accurate. AMD is said to be announcing more details at the CES 2022 press conference on January 4.

It doesn’t end there, either. AMD already raised prices on its RX 6000 series by at least 10%, which will have a knock-on effect for when they go on sale through retailers. The prospect of new AMD entry-level products is likely to be intriguing to a lot of people who perhaps don’t consider themselves “hardcore” gamers, or just want something a bit cheaper. But it’s all going to be for naught if stock is hard to get hold of in the first place.