Amazon to invest Rs 20,761 crore to build AWS Cloud centre in Telangana, KTR says biggest FDI in state history

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Amazon is doubling its investments in India with the latest announcement on its Amazon web services. The cloud wing of the Jeff Bezos-owned company will invest Rs 20,761 crore (nearly $ 2.77 billion) to create the largest data center cluster in the state of Telangana. The AWS cloud for the Hyderabad region will be launched as early as mid-2022, Telangana Prime Minister KT Rama Rao said Friday.

Rao and Amazon jointly announced the new project which will form the second such facility in India as they join the nine AWS regions in Asia. Other AWS Regions are located in Australia, Greater China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. For Telangana, it is the largest FDI in the history of the state, according to the state minister for municipal administration and urban development, industry and trade, information Technology.

As part of its investment efforts, Amazon said it will allow developers, startups, enterprises, nonprofits, educational institutions and government to deploy their applications and serve end users from AWS data centers in India. This move, in particular, will address the government’s mandate on data location that app data should reside within India’s borders and should not leave without authorization.

For Amazon, this will also be a move that will give the company an edge over Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure which are aggressively present in the market, offering cloud solutions to a range of companies, startups, developers and government institutions among others. .

“Businesses in India are embracing cloud computing to reduce costs, increase agility and enable rapid innovation to meet the needs of billions of customers in India and abroad,” said Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President of Global Infrastructure and Customer Support, Amazon Web Services.

“We are delighted that AWS has chosen Telangana as the home for its second region in India. Hyderabad is a major talent hub for IT professionals and entrepreneurs, and with the increased adoption of cloud computing, we are poised to see a transformation in how South Indian companies harness the power of IT, ”Rao said in a joint statement.

This latest round of investment is important after the $ 6.5 billion Amazon invested in India in an effort to expand. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the big announcement a few years ago while in India for several days. Bezos met with senior ministers and Bollywood actors during his visit.

Amazon’s latest round of investment is important after the first that allowed the company to pay $ 6.5 billion into India.

News Underline:

  • Amazon will invest approximately $ 2.77 billion to build the AWS region center in Hyderabad.
  • This will be the second data center facility in India.
  • Amazon is expected to finish the data center by mid-2022.

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