Amazon does not allow you to purchase e-books on Android Phones Longer – here’s why

Amazon does not allow you to purchase e-books on Android Phones Longer - here's why

So, if you have been using Android devices like phone and e-reader to read books hosted by Amazon, that won’t be possible from now. In fact, if you try to use the Amazon Android app to buy e-books, the user is directed to a new window where it says, “Why can’t I buy on the app.” Amazon Adds 5 Indian Languages to Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon Kindle App Update: One-Tap Access, Navigation Bar And More. You will also notice that after updating the Amazon app on the Android smartphone, it gives you a notification stating that purchasing digital books on the Android app is not available.

Users with Android smartphones will be unable to purchase e-books from Amazon. As it prepares for changes in Google’s invoicing policies beginning June 1 this year, the firm has ceased delivering its library on Android. Google wants all of its partners to utilise its billing system rather than rely on third-party payment services. Amazon plainly understands the issue with such activities, since the corporation would have to pay a set fee to Google for such consumer purchases. Apple Agrees To Pay $20 Million To iPhone 4S Owners: Here’s Why


  • So, how does one buy e-books for Android smartphones now? The company advises buyers to setup a reading list on the app for the e-books they like, and head over the Amazon website through the web browser on an Android smartphone to buy the titles. This development comes a few days after Amazon started compatibility for the ePub format, allowing millions of titles to be transferred to the Kindle e-reader for reading. Oppo Find X5 Pro Quick Look: The Power-packed Oppo Flagship Smartphone That India May Miss. All the user has to do is send the file to the device using the feature and Amazon will convert it automatically to let you read it on the e-reader.

  • For what it’s worth, Amazon removed its iOS app from the Apple App Store more than 10 years back. Somehow the company was satisfied with the business policy of Google. But with the new changes coming into effect from next month, Amazon was left with no choice but to head out on its own. Google also states that any developer not making changes to the billing system by June 1 will be removed. Amazon decided to leave the platform instead of complying with the new rules. Vivo T1 Pro 5G Is Available For Sale In India: Prices, Availability, Specs And More

Chrome can also warn users if their stored passwords are unsafe or reused from a data breach, the report said. In 2021, Google announced that it would roll out the ability to automatically handle changing compromised passwords for users, but most people still had to do the actual password-changing part manually. With this update, users will be prompted as soon as they log into a site with a password that has been compromised. The dialogue box will have a big Assistant-branded “Change automatically” button, as shared by Android Police’s Max Weinbach. Xiaomi Alleges Physical Violence And Coercion, ED Calls It Baseless.