Alliance Council Offers Candidate Jeff Hecksel City Director Post | Policy

“It just made me feel more comfortable with Mr. Hecksel and I think it would have been a good fit for our community and would have offered us something we would really appreciate,” said McGhehey.

Board member Annora Bentley then asked if McGhehey would amend her motion to allow for further negotiations without a salary cap and McGhehey agreed.

Mischnick said it was 80% for Hecksel, but “not quite there” and said the board could take their time on this decision for another candidate.

“I think we’re making this decision a bit out of fear,” Mischnick said, attending the meeting on speakerphone.

Mayor Mike Dafney said he was pleased with the council’s decision. He said the other candidate was qualified as Thomas had 26 years of experience in nine municipalities. The board received e-mails from more people from Claremore, Oklahoma, asking them not to hire Thomas, citing an alleged harassment investigation during his 2020 resignation, which Thomas denied. Thomas’s interim contract for the city management of Dewey-Humboldt was terminated 26 days before the contract expired in early February and the city has not yet provided a reason.

“I think Jim …

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