All navigation bars on Android devices now have Gboard themes

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On other phones, the navigation bar (gesture or 3-button) would remain black or white (depending on the system theme) for a somewhat jarring mismatch. Gboard recently changed this so that the keyboard tints navigation bars on many more Android devices. Friend of the site RKBDI notes that Gboard started preparing for this change back in May. It’s live on Samsung (Android 12) devices we checked today running the latest Gboard beta (12.0).

Numerous Material You embellishments were added to Gboard in Google’s most recent design updates. Gboard themes have recently undergone a minor upgrade that allows them to now cover more Android phones’ navigation bars. On Pixel phones, or even OnePlus/Oppo smartphones, this UI behaviour is not new. For a more seamless visual experience, the background of this narrow strip is made to match the colour scheme of the Gboard theme, which is extended to the nav bar. The distinction between dark/light themes and colourful backgrounds, particularly Dynamic Color, is small.


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