Alamo Drafthouse re-opening

Alamo Drafthouse reopening

Business News: Alamo Drafthouse re-opening.

Matthew McConaughey’s promise that “the big screen is back” is coming true. Alamo Drafthouse, whose South Lamar Austin location served as the backdrop for McConaughey’s PSA during the Oscars telecast, will reopen 15 of its locations this summer. This includes major locations in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Dallas, and more.

Beginning with the May reopening of its Brooklyn and Los Angeles locations, Alamo Drafthouse is launching a major reopening of its theaters this summer. At least 15 reopening of the Alamo Drafthouse are scheduled until June, with theaters in Dallas, Omaha, San Francisco, Lubbock, Laredo and Yonkers reopening their doors. This will double Alamo’s current operating locations, in over 30 theaters across the country.

“Last weekend’s box office wasn’t just the biggest for our theaters during the COVID era – in fact, it would have been pretty healthy in the old days era,” Alamo CEO Drafthouse Shelli Taylor said, referring to pandemic – best box office success of Godzilla vs Kong and Demon Slayer. “It is so gratifying to see audiences so enthusiastically embrace not just our theaters, but our industry as a whole.”

“In August 2020, our teams began slowly and methodically to reopen theaters across the country, and I mean slowly,” the announcement reads. “It’s very (expensive) to work to wake up one of these babies, a lot more than a little dusting, so that’s why we’ve been slow to reopen offices in 2021. That’s about to change.”

Obviously, this comes with some restrictions due to the aforementioned pandemic, such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance, washing your hands and, oh yeah, staying home if you get sick. Do not worry; they offer refunds if you bought a ticket and need to skip the show.