Airtel will give loans to eligible 2G customers to upgrade to 4G handsets

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Airtel has introduced a zero additional cost loan offer for eligible 2G customers so they can upgrade to 4G phones at a cost below the market price. Airtel has partnered with IDFC to offer users a down payment loan of Rs 3259 compared to the market price of a 4G device which is Rs 6800. With an EMI of Rs 603 per month and loan term of 10 months, Airtel’s total cost to the customer is Rs 9289.

Airtel noted that if customers opt for its loan offer, the total payment from customers is less than the market price if the smartphone and the equivalent monthly telecom tariff order were to be purchased separately in the market.

Airtel has this offer valid for 60 days. Breaking down the market price for a 4G phone and considering Rs 249 per month for 330 days, Airtel noted that it would cost customers Rs 9735. Only Tech first noticed the development.

Airtel expands Vo-WiFi support to over 200 devices:

Airtel has expanded its Vo-WiFi support to over 200 devices. Vo-WiFi is short for Voice over WiFi and is meant to help customers decongest their networks and help users receive clear calls even when the signal strength is low. This is because Vo-WiFi automatically allows the phone to switch between cellular and WiFi connectivity during calls. Vo-WiFi could be used in areas where there is hardly any network.

When the feature was introduced, Airtel enabled it on some smartphones available on the market and limited it to users on Airtel XStream devices. The following devices are compatible with Airtel VoWiFi. You can check here if your phone supports it or visit the Airtel website to see the latest additions.

iPhone: iPhone 6 and later, including iPhone new generation recently launched.

OnePlus: One Plus 6 and later including OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 8.

Xiaomi: Redmi 8, 8A

Samsung: Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10 and a few other devices also get support from Airtel VoWiFi. Airtel also noted that some devices from Oppo, Vivo and Realme also get feature support.

To enable Vo-WiFi, users need to check if their phone is Vo-WiFi compatible, upgrade to 4G, and enable the VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switch on their device.

Airtel has partnered with IDFC to introduce a zero additional cost loan offer and will grant loans to 2G customers to purchase 4G phones with a down payment of Rs 3259.

News Underline:

  • Airtel has a no additional cost loan offer that allows 2G users to upgrade to 4G and save money.
  • Airtel noted that it allows users to save money if they opt for its loan offer over the market price of the device.
  • Airtel has also expanded Vo-WiFi calling for over 200 devices.

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