Airtel price hike soon? It is wait and watch for now, says Sunil Mittal

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Airtel president Sunil Mittal in an interview reiterated his position on the tariff increase saying that the current tariffs are unsustainable. He also said Airtel will look into market conditions before making any changes. “Current tariffs are unsustainable, but Airtel cannot move without the industry moving or the regulator moving,” Mittal told PTI news agency in an interview.

Mittal also said that the industry needs a tariff hike sooner or later and that it will depend on market conditions. Mittal also told some newspapers that Airtel’s move to raise tariffs will depend on the biggest player. However, he noted that the industry was not looking to raise tariffs in one go.

He said that the capital-intensive industry requires a steady stream of investments in networks, spectrum, towers and technology and it is therefore important that the industry is sustainable.

“This industry needs tons of money, it’s a capital intensive industry, buying spectrum, putting out the grid, fiber, radio, towers. This is a sector that invests continuously, “Mittal said.” Every year you have to spend billions of dollars again to get new technology, more coverage, more capacity … so this sector must be sustainable. The government wants India to be there. ‘India digital and that people are connected. I think we will have to leave it in their safe hands, “he added.

In early August, Mittal said subscribers should be ready to pay a lot more for data in the coming months. “Either you consume 1.6GB of capacity per month at this price or you can prepare to pay a lot more. We don’t want $ 50-60 (around Rs 3,700 Rs 4,400) like the US or Europe, but certainly $ 2 ( around Rs 160) for 16GB per month is not sustainable, ”Mittal said.

Speaking of Airtel’s vision for 5G, Mittal told Business Standard newspaper that there was no doubt that India would be a key player once the technology was launched. “My guess is that it will take a couple of years for 5G to reach India significantly. The price of the 5G spectrum should be such as to encourage investment in telecommunications networks. The price at the current level will not serve anyone’s purpose, “Mittal noted.

Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal in an interview called the current rates unsustainable, but also noted that Airtel will only make a change to the rates depending on market conditions and the largest player.

News Underline:

  • The president and founder of Airtel called the current rates unsustainable and noted that the industry needs a rate hike at some point.
  • However, he also noted that the industry wasn’t looking to raise tariffs in one go.
  • Mittal said it will take a couple of years for 5G to reach India significantly.

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