Air Force VeterKarla: Because I get my health care in Virginia

AF veteran Karla never realized she was eligible for VA services until a friend suggested she investigate. She is so happy with her care that she wanted to share her story with us to help others.

Have you never used VA benefits after leaving the service?

I am sure that when I left the service, they told me about VA during my exit interview. I’m sure they gave me brochures, pamphlets, a folder and I stuck them somewhere in a box in the attic.

But I never realized I was eligible for VA services until a few of my cousins ​​and a friend encouraged me to review it. I told them, “Well, no, I’m not retired. I am not severely disabled. I didn’t serve in wartime. “And they said” Look, as long as you’ve had something other than dishonorable leave and served 90 days, you’re in. “

And I was so flabbergasted because I printed the form, [it] it took me two minutes to fill out. I went to Virginia and in five minutes I literally had my first date. And they took excellent care of me.

Is your condition related to the service?

I have multiple sclerosis, which is a presumptive condition where, if you show symptoms by …

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