After the update, Pixel users find the “At a Glance Widget” more useful.

After the update, Pixel users find the

Some of the new features coming to the At a Glance widget – Pixel users find the “At a Glance Widget” more valuable after the update. So now, with the March update installed, a Pixel 6 series user can tap on the date seen on the At a Glance Widget on the home page to make any changes to the activities planned for the day. “Now I can remove the calendar icon from my home screen,” says a Pixel 2 XL user.

For a long time, Pixel supporters have been waiting for Google to update the phone’s “At a Glance” widget. Google has introduced several long-awaited improvements to the At a Glance widget in the March update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which was released on Monday. If you tap the month and day on the At a Glance Widget, you’ll be sent to the Google Calendar page for that same date, where you may enter in appointments and other important activities that are scheduled for that day. When you tap on the weather in the widget, you’ll be brought to the weather information page for the city you choose. Pixel.


  • Several Pixel 6 users on Reddit said that they want Google to return the feature that allowed them in Android 11 to tap on the time at the top of the widget and be taken to the clock app. Upcoming new features reportedly coming to the widget include alerting a user when he/she still has the flashlight toggled on, and the ability to see a notification from the widget telling you that someone is at your front door. Before this year is out, the “At a Glance Widget” could have a ton of new features including a QR code representing your boarding pass when you are about to board a flight. All of these features are designed to make sure that you never miss a beat.