After iPhone 11 price cut on Apple Store, you should forget about Amazon’s under Rs 50,000 deal

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Apple iPhone 12 is finally here and brings with it a horde of new features. This means the features you get on iPhone 11 since last year have become relatively old. That’s why Apple discounted the iPhone 11 for Indian customers. The iPhone 11 now starts at Rs 54,900. But Apple will sell it iPhone 11 with free AirPods under its huge Diwali offer and this offer will make you forget the Amazon deal with less than Rs 50,000 on iPhone 11. Let me explain.

Apple cut the file iPhone price immediately after announcing the iPhone 12 from Rs 68,300 to Rs 54,900. This is a huge discount on iPhone 11 from Apple. But, you see, these discounts aren’t new to iPhone in India. Online sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall absorb some expenses to offer huge discounts and cashback offers on iPhone Models.

Case in point, the iPhone 11 as part of the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Festival. Amazon has announced that it will sell the file iPhone 11 for less than Rs 50,000 in the sale. The exact price is unclear, but we know there will be an additional discount of Rs 5,000 up iPhone 11 when using HDFC Bank credit or debit cards. So, technically, the iPhone 11 will cost you less than Rs 45,000 on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced that it will be giving away a pair of AirPods with the extension iPhone 11. This offer was revealed before Apple announced the big discount on the iPhone 11. As such, it appeared that the iPhone 11 will cost Rs 68,300 but after the AirPods deal, you will end up paying Rs 14,900 less, which is Rs 53,400. I wrote a piece about why this deal was no better than Amazon’s because you were more likely to have more discounts with the Great Indian Festival Sale.

Now that Apple has cut the iPhone 11 price, will sell for Rs 54,900. By reducing this price by Rs 14,900, which is what AirPods cost, the iPhone The price actually drops to Rs 40,000. This is an insane price for the iPhone 11 and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale can’t match this, not far off. After all the calculations I can possibly do based on estimates, the iPhone 11 will still end up costing you more than Rs 40,000 on Amazon.

Apple beat Amazon by a margin for who can offer the best Diwali deal on iPhone. iPhone 11 for Rs 40,000 on the Apple Store or iPhone 11 for over Rs 40,000 – which one will you choose?

Apple will sell the file iPhone 11 for an actual price of Rs 40,000 and it looks a lot better than what Amazon offers on iPhone.

News Underline:

  • Apple cut the file iPhone 11 price at Rs 54,900 later iPhone 12 launch.
  • The free offer of AirPods before Diwali will reduce it to Rs 40,000.
  • Overall, the Amazon iPhone Chord 11 looks lackluster compared to Apple’s.

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