After billions of accounts were hijacked, Google issued a password warning

After billions of accounts were hijacked, Google issued a password warning

The search engine giant has created an important tool for Chrome users to check if their online details have ever been compromised, after billions of passwords for online accounts have been leaked in recent years.

Google have issued a password warning and information on how to check if you have been affected as billions of accounts are hacked.


  • If it detects that your passwords have been compromised the tool will encourage you to update your usernames and passwords.

  • Password Checkup is an add on which can be downloaded on Chrome and will scan the databases of usernames and passwords that have been leaked online.

“Since our launch, over 650,000 people have participated in our early experiment,” she told The Mirror.

Speaking about the tool, Google’s Jennifer Pullman explained that a huge amount of usernames and passwords have been flagged during the scans.

“In the first month alone, we scanned 21million usernames and passwords and flagged over 316,000 as unsafe – 1.5% of sign-ins scanned by the extension” she added.

The tool also tells you if your passwords are being reused across different sites, as this particularly dangerous because a hacker could be able to log into multiple accounts with access to one password.

Along with this, they also provide a list of accounts where you need to change your password. When updating your passwords, the tool will alert you if your new password is too weak and needs to be strengthened.

Google urge users to make sure you immediately change your passwords if you have been alerted, or suspect, that they may have been leaked in order to stay safe online.