After Apple and Google, it’s time for Samsung’s budget phones to acquire flagship CPUs

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iPhone SE was the only $400 phone that runs iOS, attracting budget buyers who’d otherwise choose an Android phone for the first time ever iPhone SE took good photos and excellent videos (probably better than any Android flagship at the time) thanks to Apple’s everlasting lead in the video department. iPhone SE was noticeably smaller than all other phones on the market, including iPhones, Androids, budget phones, mid-range phones, flagship phones – you name it.Most notably, the iPhone SE featured Apple’s flagship (for 2016) A9 chip – the same one from the much more expensive iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, taking performance on mid-range phones to a whole new level

The author’s own thoughts and opinions may be expressed in this article. “Slow and sluggish” Following Apple and Google, it’s now time for Samsung’s budget phones to obtain premium processors. Although it may not appear so, Samsung is under pressure, and the two culprits are (surprise, surprise) Apple and Google. It all began in 2016, when Cupertino’s corporation decided to introduce the first mid-range iPhone ever. If I were to characterise the first iPhone SE, I’d say it was the finest Apple phone the world had never known it needed.


  • That’s right! The already-announced Google Pixel 6A becomes the first phone since the original iPhone SE from 2016 that manages to incorporate the same flagship processor used in the company’s more expensive phones into a mid-range device. Which made me wonder why Samsung, the other major player in the smartphone market, has decided that mid-range phones must stick to using mid-range chips.

  • All that being said, the elephant in the room is that Apple’s “vintage” take on the iPhone SE might make the phone look dated and less appealing for Android enthusiasts, and if that’s the case – well, the SE isn’t the phone for you. However, what’s interesting is that ever since 2016, Apple remained the only company that dared to trade looks and modern features for a flagship processor, as far as mid-range phones are concerned. The iPhone SE (2020) was the eight best-selling phone in the world last year, so this is a recipe that’s paid off quite well for Tim Cook & Co, but never tried by the competition… Until now!

Speaking of iOS, seeing a phone from 2016 that runs the latest software version of the OS is simply too good, even as per Apple’s own standards… As it stands, the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE are the longest-supported iPhones ever. To sum it up for you, the price, software support, and flagship chips (that enable the continuous software support) are the things that make the iPhone SE an iPhone SE. And there’s no reason to think the iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone SE (2022) won’t follow in the footsteps of the 2016 model (with 5-6 years of software updates and remarkable performance in the long run).


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