According to rumors, Samsung plans to add a “Lavender Purple” color option to its Galaxy S22 series.

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This presents a difficult decision, no doubt. Hence, Samsung is doing its best to make it a little easier by swaying customers in the way of making an immediate purchase. Enter a new color option for the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup – Lavender Purple.

Exclusive colour options for mid-release cycles seem to be really popular right now. Alpine Green was given to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Given their success, it is understandable why Samsung is using a similar strategy. In February, the Samsung Galaxy S22 range was unveiled. Many prospective Galaxy users may be undecided as of this writing, almost 6 months after that date, on whether to get an outdated headset right away (perhaps for less money even), or wait another 6 months for the newest and greatest.


  • If anything, purple is a unique color option for smartphones that is sure to draw some attention. But there may be more behind this decision. Considering the abundance of rumors that point toward a potential purple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Samsung’s choice of color is not entirely surprising. Purple flagships incoming.

  • Speculations about a purple color option for the Galaxy S22 smartphone range first emerged back in June. This time around, the information comes from prominent Samsung leaker IceUniverse, who shared this new tip via Twitter. Given IceUniverse’s tried and tested track record when it comes to Samsung products, we are inclined to believe in the credibility of the leak. Currently, additional information on the new Lavender Purple color option (if that ends up being the official name) is scarce. There is no mention of a potential release date. Nevertheless, the launch should be happening in the immediate future, based on the release cycle timeline.


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