According to a recent study, owning an Android phone is going to be a huge “crap” in 2021

According to a recent study, owning an Android phone is going to be a huge

These featured in the top five alongside speaking in slang and someone laughing at their own jokes. When delving a little more into the specific demographics, after having an Android, it was found that ‘dirty or unpainted nails’ was a common ick with men, with 75% saying it turned them off. Whereas for women, the most common ick was a partner not learning to drive – with 78% of single women saying this put them off.

We all have our own own ‘icks,’ some more unusual than others, that can turn us off a person we’re dating. However, one of the nation’s biggest turnoffs has been picked as an odd technology choice. The most prevalent ick of the year, according to a new survey of 3,000 people, is having an Android. But it appears that that isn’t the only factor that is deterring folks. Not learning to drive and commenting on famous people’s social media postings were also among the top icks of the year, according to the survey conducted by dating app POM.


  • Vihan Patel, founder of POM (the company behind the study), said: ‘Over the past year, people discussing “icks” seem to be all over social media, with even influencers sharing theirs on TikTok and YouTube. ‘So, with so many of us having weird and wonderful turn offs that put us off a person, we wanted to find out the ultimate list of 2021’s most common icks. ‘Our aim at POM is to help our users navigate the sometimes scary dating world. We hope this amusing list can help singletons improve their chances of finding the one, even if that does mean they need to change their phone.’

  • 2021’s top 10 most common ‘icks’ – according to POM. Owning an Android phone. It also seems these things vary between ages, as half (56%) of singles over the age of 30 stated ‘having a TikTok account’ as an ick, whereas a quarter (24%) of singletons under the age of 21 named ‘not having social media’ as a turn off. To ensure the research was representative, single people from all genders, ages and sexual orientations, ranging from age 18 to 55, took part in the survey. What to keep in mind if an ex has texted you out of the blue this Christmas.