According to a comparison video, PSOne PS5 games don’t run at 4K, but PS2 classics run at 720p

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Sony’s revamped PS Plus is launching in the US and Europe next month, which will be available in three different tiers. First of all there’s PS Plus Essential, which is the same service that you currently have, so you’ll still receive free games every month. Next up is PS Plus Extra, which costs $99.99 and combines PS Plus and PS now into one package. Finally, there’s PS Plus Premium, which will set you back $119.99 and adds a selection of streaming-based PS3 games, as well as PS2, PS1, and PSP games into the mix.

ElAnalistaDeBits, a YouTube channel, has tested the PS5 PSOne games, confirming that the vintage titles do not run in 4K. According to them, the PS5 plays PSOne classics in 1920×1440, with the same frame rate as the original PSOne versions of the games. In other words, there isn’t much of a performance benefit to playing them on the PS5. The comparisons were conducted by playing the games on the PS1, then the PS4, and finally the PS5. The PS2 classics, on the other hand, ran at 720p, falling short of the 4K quality that many fans had hoped for.


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