According to a Apple insiders, the issues may cause the iOS 16 public beta 1 release to be delayed

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Are you thinking about joining the iOS public beta program? Just remember that it is not wise to install beta software on the iPhone that you use as your daily driver. That’s because a beta release is not stable and some of the features you count on to work could be disabled by the beta software. For example, if you join the iOS 13 public beta program, that long battery life you enjoy when using the iPhone 13 Pro Max could shrink significantly until iOS 16 is officially released.

Apple will reveal iOS 16 on June 6th, the first day of WWDC 2022, which will last until Friday, June 10th. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the first iOS 16 public beta will be released in July, along with iOS 16 developer beta 3. Gurman points out that the first iOS public beta is normally delivered at the same time as the second developer beta, thus the scenario he envisions implies that the first iOS 16 public beta may be delayed. Gurman claims that Apple is experiencing some difficulties with iOS 16, but adds that things are still flexible and might change.


  • In addition, iOS 16 will supposedly have improved “mega widgets” that are known inside Apple as “InfoShack.” This will allow iPhone users to create customizable widgets. Apple did a spectacular job of adding Android-style widgets to iOS last year and arguably the latter has already surpassed Android when it comes to widgets.

  • Mark Gurman says that the iOS 16 public beta could be delayed – Apple insider says bugs could delay the release of iOS 16 public beta 1
    Mark Gurman says that the iOS 16 public beta could be delayed
    Just the other day, Gurman wrote in his weekly “Power On” newsletter that he doesn’t believe that Apple will make design changes to the iOS interface. Still, he expects “significant” changes such as “new ways of interacting,” an updated notifications system, and some health-tracking features.


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