A UI Watch 4.5 will soon be available for Galaxy Watch devices, according to Samsung

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Dubbed One UI Watch4.5, the new user interface will soon be available for Galaxy Watch devices, Samsung revealed today. If you own a Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic or plan to buy an upcoming Galaxy Watch series device, then you certainly qualify for this software upgrade.

If you’ve purchased a smartphone, watch, or even a smart TV from the South Korean company, you’re in for an intriguing journey because Samsung constantly adds new software to its products. Samsung today announced a new UI is coming to its watches in between all the One UI improvements it is releasing to its smartphones.


  • (left) Swipe to type on a new QWERTY keyboard, (right) seamlessly swap between input methods – Samsung announces One UI Watch4.5 coming soon to Galaxy Watch devices. (left) Swipe to type on a new QWERTY keyboard, (right) seamlessly swap between input methods. Another interesting new feature is dual-SIM support, which allows users to set a preferred SIM on their Galaxy phone to be synced to their Galaxy Watch. You’ll be able to see what SIM is being used on the Watch thanks to the new UI, but you can also use the SIM setting “Ask always” on the phone to choose which SIM you want to use from your Galaxy Watch.

  • Speaking of “upgrade,” One UI Watch4.5 is looking to provide customers with a more complete watch experience. With that in mind, Samsung decided to add a “full typing experience on screen,” which includes a new full QWERTY keyboard with Swipe that allows users to type in addition to dictating and handwriting. Also, One UI Watch4.5 offers the option to switch between the two input methods on the fly, so you can start dictating a message then change to the keyboard to continue your message.

As far as the release window goes, Samsung announced the new One UI Watch4.5 will be available sometime in the third quarter, so it won’t be long until it drops. Also, the company confirmed new features will be announced before its release.

Unsurprisingly, One UI Watch4.5 comes with a plethora of personalization options, including a bucketload of watch face customizability. You’ll be able to customize watch faces with different colors and complications and then add them to your favorite list multiple times. Samsung’s One UI Watch4.5 brings a bunch of accessibility feature too. For example, those who can’t distinguish colors can adjust the display to their preferred hue and increase contrast to make fonts more readable. New visual options are included in the new UI such as reduced transparency and blur effects, but users can also remove animations completely. Some audio assistance settings are also available for users who need in the form balance adjustments from the left and right audio output of their connected Bluetooth headset.

Watch4 Classic here… I hope they fix the bug where one cannot keep Bluetooth and/or WiFi OFF… I use LTE standalone all the time, and this dang watch randomly enables other comms without asking. Annoying! 12-16 hours battery life on LTE only. Hopefully the update will improve that as well.


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