A rare but potentially fatal tumor is discovered with the help of Apple Look, saving another life

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And don’t forget that the Apple Watch can measure if the user’s heart is beating too fast, too slow, or has an abnormal rhythm. According to WBZ in Boston, the latest life-saving feat conducted by the Apple Watch led a woman to the operating room for surgery to remove a potentially deadly tumor. In late May, Apple Watch wearer Kim Durkee, 67 years of age, was the recipient of multiple warnings from her Apple Watch that her heart was in atrial fibrillation (AFib). The condition discovered by the Apple Watch could easily have killed 67 year old Kim Durkee

Every few weeks, there is a new account of how the Apple Watch alerted its wearer to a health issue that required quick medical attention. This proves that the device is still saving lives. When necessary, the device can also summon emergency assistance. For instance, emergency services will be alerted if the user passes out and falls to the ground.


  • When the doctors asked her how she knew that she had AFib, Kim said, “”Because my watch told me.” She also said after the operation, “I consider myself to be very lucky, to be here and talking to you.” Doctors say that Kim most certainly would have died had her Apple Watch not given her the warning that led to the surgery that removed the mixoma. Not only didn’t Durkee toss her Apple Watch, but she also won’t even unstrap it when she visits the doctor. Apple could introduce three new lifesaving timepieces in less than 8 weeks from today

  • This is an irregular heartbeat made up of fast beats in the range of 400 or more per minute. After receiving the notification for two consecutive nights, the numbers on the third night were “a little too high for comfort,” she told herself. Still, before taking the trip to the hospital, Durkee had to tell herself, “You know what, go to the emergency room; if they tell you it’s nothing to worry about then toss the watch.” Since Kim still owns her Apple Watch, you can guess what happened. Doctors discovered a myxoma which is a rare fast-growing tumor that can restrict the blood flow to the heart and cause a stroke. The surgeons had to operate on her performing open-heart surgery for over 5 hours to remove the 4 cm tumor. After 11 days, she was discharged from the hospital.

Health features for the Apple Watch 8 series could include a body-temperature sensor, improved irregular-heartbeat monitoring, and enhanced sleep patterns tracking. Besides the expensive Apple Watch 8 Pro and the Apple Watch 8, a new Apple Watch SE could surface offering many of the Apple Watch’s best features at a lower price.

This September we could see Apple introduce three new Apple Watch models, all with a bigger screen than the one on the Apple Watch Series 7. Besides the Apple Watch 8, we could see a very expensive Apple Watch Pro (which is rumored to cost as much as the iPhone 13 Pro ($999 and up). It could sport a 2-inch display (compared to the rumored 1.9-inch display for the Apple Watch 8) and a case size of 46mm or 47mm.

Remember those renders from last year showing a flat-sided Apple Watch 7 that never came to be? That might end up the design we get for this year’s models. We should know for sure in less than 8 weeks when Apple introduces its new watches alongside the 2022 iPhone 14 line. The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world surpassing models made by old-line watchmakers from all price tiers such as Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Patek Philippe, Casio, Timex, and more.

When Apple first put together the retail sales channels for the Apple Watch, it included high-end jewelry stores and other purveyors of high fashion. But it soon became clear that the Apple Watch has plenty of practical uses and would be a success as a simple watch that people of all demographics might want and could enjoy.


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