A normal OnePlus 10 leak has emerged

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Looking at the front of the device, there’s one thing that sticks out. The punch-hole, which is traditionally on the left side of OnePlus’ screens, is in the center. It seems like an odd change, as the OnePlus 10 Pro has its punch-hole on the left. On the right side of the phone, we see what looks like the power button with the volume buttons on the left side. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of hardware mute switch.

With its latest flagship device, OnePlus sent us on a wild rollercoaster. We were expecting a OnePlus 10 and a OnePlus 10 Pro, as usual. We, on the other hand, only received the Pro model. Don’t give up hope, since a recent leak suggests that the ordinary OnePlus 10 may still exist. According to the source, the standard OnePlus 10 will be somewhat different from the Pro. Because we’re dealing with leaked pictures, you should take this information with a grain of salt. We got a leaked render of the device’s front and back thanks to OneSiteGo (via Android Authority). The images are based on an early prototype of the phone, so it’s possible that if it goes on sale, it’ll look like this.


  • It’s possible this is just a rebranded Oppo phone. It makes sense because both of the companies have been close over the years (close to the point where they merged last year). Right now, details on this phone are really scarce, so we’ll need to wait on more information on this phone to come out.

  • The back is the most interesting aspect of the phone. Looking at the back, we see some things that stick out. For starters, we see that the camera bump isn’t made of metal that melts into the frame as with the Pro. Instead, it rises out of the back with sloped edges. This is the design that Oppo uses for its phones. The back material seems to be the same that’s present on the Pro model, and we can see the OnePlus logo in the center. Returning to the camera package, we see that the top right element sticks out because it’s a circular flash rather than a camera. This phone does share some DNA with the OnePlus 10 Pro, but this leak shows that the regular OnePlus 10 might just be a rebranded phone. The center-mounted punch-hole, the separate volume buttons, the lack of a mute switch, and the radically different camera bump are all damning.


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