A new version of the Discord app for Android is out

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“Regardless of the device or platform you happen to be using, we want to develop ways; to assist you and your communities as quickly and effectively as we can; as Discord continues to spread across platforms. We can’t wait to demonstrate how we support what you do; by using React Native on every mobile platform; that Discord is available on.  Numerous well-known mobile applications, such as Instagram, Microsoft Outlook, Shopify, Tesla, Pinterest, etc.; employ React Native extensively. Since React Native was made available; as open source by Meta in 2015, Discord has been using it to create its iOS app; from the ground up.

The most recent rumours suggest that Discord will update its Android app in the next weeks. Thanks to this, users will have access to new features and upgrades at the same time as iOS and desktop. Discord’s Android users are well aware that, frequently, new features do not appear on their platforms for several months after they are made available for iOS. As a result, when they arrive on iOS and PC, users won’t have to wait long and will get all the new features and improvements at once. Discord disclosed in a blog post on Monday that it will entirely redesign its Android application using React Native.


  • You may anticipate the updated app arriving on your device in the upcoming weeks; if you already use the Discord App and have it loaded on your Android phone. But new Android users can also get the programme; from the Google Play Store. The first group of new Game Pass games for this month is led by Ghost Recon Wildlands. The firm has finally disclosed what will be available on Game Pass in the first half of August 2022. Normally, these are released in two waves. a special 20% discount to buy any game in the library and continue playing it even after it departs Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is accessible on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, as well as in beta on Android and iOS. Both PC Game Pass and Game Pass for Consoles have a monthly pricing of $11.99. What changed on Game Pass in late July may be found here.


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