A new “Highlights” feed has been added to the Google TV app

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The “Library” and “Watchlist” sections have now been merged into “Your Stuff,” which can be pretty tricky if you quickly want to glance over the content in your library. Meanwhile, “Watchlist” takes up the first tab on the top, followed by “Movies” and “Shows.” The newly added Highlights section shows reviews, news, videos, and other content. Suggestions are based on the user’s watch history. It leverages Chrome Custom Tabs to open articles or other links. There’s also an icon next to the Share button to load Related highlights. Lastly, it also includes a chip in the top left corner that opens up the Google TV listing, allowing users to Like or Dislike the content.

The Google TV app for Android has received an update that includes a new appearance. Some of these adjustments are in line with the company’s recent statement. This update adds a brand-new “Highlights” news feed and reorganises the app’s other features. The Library and Watchlist portions of the Google TV app have been combined into “Your Stuff.” On the meantime, the “For You” tab has been renamed “Home,” and it now occupies the second position in the bottom bar. The “Movies” and “Shows” tabs at the top are vanished. According to 9to5Google, users may access the shortcuts for these category ideas by scrolling down the page (via XDA).


  • Last week’s I/O conference also saw a couple of Google TV-related announcements. Later this year, Google TV users can cast directly using an Android phone or tablet to their television. In its current form, users can only cast content via the Google TV app to their TVs using a Chromecast device. Google Photos Finally Allows You To Delete Images Directly From Albums. Google Photos is a great application, it truly is. Users have recognized that, and many.

  • These changes are rolling out as part of Google TV version 4.32.50 through the Play Store. As 9to5Google rightly points out, the update still lacks some of the features detailed by Google in March. There’s no tablet redesign with the navigation rail, while the full suite of Material You upgrades aren’t there either. A Google TV update later this year will allow users to cast directly on their TV using an Android phone or tablet. Google recently updated Google TV with new “proactive personal results” to showcase new screensavers on the TV. Although these new cards were expected to arrive as early as December 2021, the wider rollout didn’t occur until recently.


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