A new Google Maps update for Android is now available, but a major bug remains

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More specifically, users have been complaining that whenever the app launches on Android Auto, it is stuck in the night mode, no matter the settings. Getting out of the dark mode and returning to the standard light theme, which makes a lot more sense during the day, seems impossible in some cases, though the workaround that appears to do the trick more often than not is a downgrade to an earlier release. Google has already confirmed that it’s looking into user reports to figure out what exactly is happening, so there’s now hope that the new versions of Google Maps would bring things back to normal.

Google Maps for Android recently received another update, but the Mountain View-based search engine has yet to address one of the most pervasive issues previously uncovered. Google Maps version 11.34.2 was only published a few hours ago, and while the build number suggests the focus was solely on bug fixes (the last update was to version 11.33.2), the dark mode issue has yet to be fixed.


  • As it turns out, the most recent update, which is one of the first releases after Google confirmed the investigation, brings nothing new on this front. Needless to say, it comes without a changelog, as Google rarely provides information on new Google Maps releases, but users have already confirmed that updating to 11.34.2 produces no improvement regarding the dark mode glitch. At this point, it’s still impossible to tell precisely when Google could come up with a fix for this annoying Google Maps bug, so if anything, users should just downgrade to an earlier release to be able to use the standard light mode. The glitch only happens on Android Auto, as everything appears to be working just as expected when the mobile device is not connected to the head unit in the car.


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