A Google Maps competitor announces a significant update to its own iPhone and android navigation app

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Earlier this month, the company updated its mobile applications with quite a big change: three of its most advanced features are being moved under the same roof, becoming a part of a newly-created module. More specifically, DashCam, Real View Navigation, and Traffic Sign recognition are now included in the new feature called SmartCam. The UI has therefore been updated to allow users to enable any of them directly from SmartCam, with the experience overall thus becoming a bit simpler and more straightforward.

Without a doubt, Sygic’s mobile solutions have to be among your first visits if you’re seeking for a Google Maps substitute. iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation app from Sygic iPhone truck navigation software by Sygic. As a leading provider of navigation software, Sygic creates some of the most cutting-edge products on the market, even providing features that rival or beyond those of Google Maps and Waze.


  • And last but not least, the Real View Navigation uses augmented reality powered by the smartphone camera to display navigation guidance based on real images. Worth knowing, however, is that all three features and the SmartCam module itself can only be accessed with a subscription. In other words, they aren’t part of the free offering in Sygic’s mobile navigation solutions, so you must pay for a subscription to use them when getting behind the wheel.

  • The three features come in extremely handy to drivers out there. Dashcam, for instance, allows the application to record videos whenever it detects a sudden change in speed. It gets its data from the accelerometer sensor in smartphones, so it knows precisely when sudden braking occurs – often a sign of a possible collision. Traffic sign recognition does exactly what its name suggests, so when driving with Sygic navigation on the screen, you know precisely what the speed limit is for every section of the road, no matter if the mapping data is fully up-to-date or not.


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