A Gaggle of iPhone 12 Technical Revelations

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A lot of iPhone 12 technical revelations emerged. I collected them for you this week.

iPhone 12 Technical disclosures

• As A-series (ARM) CPUs become more energy efficient, Apple can afford to juggle things like 5G, case and internal design and battery capacity in the iPhone. It is therefore not surprising that there can be variations in battery capacity from year to year. So, from AppleInsider we have: “iPhone 12 Pro Max battery smaller than iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to the regulatory declaration. “The difference is minor, 3969 vs 3687 mAh and it probably won’t be noticeable. Just so you know.

• Speaking of battery charge in iPhone 12, it will be good to know how to enter and exit the 5G mode full time. See: “Force Your iPhone 12 or 12 Pros to use 5G all the time when 5G networks are available “.

… the brand new one iPhone you just bought it might not you are actually using 5G, even when you see that 5G symbol in the top right. Unless you follow these instructions, yours iPhone will use the old regular 4G LTE more often.

So 5G symbols are more of an indicator of what’s available, not what mode you’re in at the moment.

• Wired thinks “The iPhone 12 Finally gets the magnets right “.

Years ago, Motorola tried to introduce magnets into its Moto Z and failed. Author Lee explains why Apple seems to have been successful.


• Oops. “Apple warns iPhone 12 owners that the MagSafe charger can leave circular prints on leather cases “.

iPhone Owners who keep their device encased in a leather case while charging it with Apple’s new MagSafe charger may find that the case will have a circular imprint from contact with the charger.

Here is the Apple MagSafe support article with the note at the end in small print.

• Laptop The magazine notes this iPhone 12 owners will be able to perform iOS updates on 5G. “iPhone 12 owners can install iOS updates without Wi-Fi: here’s how “.

The feature will only be available on iPhone 12 models when connected to 5G. It has always been a mystery why iPhone users cannot download updates via current 4G connections, mainly because they provide ample download speeds. Unfortunately, previous iPhone models that rely on 4G LTE will still need a Wi-Fi connection to install new versions of iOS.

My guess is that it had something to do with unacceptable 4G latency. Could be.

• Finally. A while ago, I wrote “James Bond producers make a big mistake”. No streaming release announced …

MGM, Universal and Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli restore the release of the James Bond film No Time To Die, once again, on April 2, 2021, in theaters. Big mistake.

It appears that the producers were, in fact, looking for a streaming deal from the start. But at a huge price. 9to5Mac has the details: “MGM considered transferring James Bond to streaming, but Apple / Netflix hesitated at a price of $ 600 million.”

Would 20 million families pay $ 30 to postpone some COVID fatigue? Could be.

This just in. “Broken HP Driver Framework in Catalina 10.15.7”

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