A catalyst for Apple stock is the high rate of Android a iPhone switches

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The pro camera system on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max features an all-new Ultra Wide camera with autofocus which enables macro photography natively on iPhone, a new Wide camera, and a new Telephoto camera with increased 3x optical zoom. In its fiscal third-quarter earnings call, Apple reported 3% year-over-year growth in iPhone revenue.

A record number of Android to iPhone switchers (actually, they’re upgraders; large upgraders) were observed in Apple’s third fiscal quarter. The company’s installed base of active devices is expanding at an explosive rate because to these high switcher rates. Additionally, as Apple’s installed user base continues to expand in involvement, each user of its products is worth increasingly more. A brand-new Ultra Wide camera with autofocus, a new Wide camera, and a new Telephoto camera with an improved 3x optical zoom are all part of the pro camera system on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


  • Apple’s emphasis on growing its installed base is working across all of Apple’s product categories and geographies, with the company achieving all-time high installed bases across every one of these segments in fiscal Q3. Further, Apple said it saw “increased customer engagement” with its services during the quarter, showing that the value of each user in its installed base continues to increase.

  • If an iPhone buyer is an existing iPhone owner, the company’s installed base of active devices does not increase. But if the buyer comes from a different phone, the company adds another user to monetize across its App Store and other services. An iPhone buyer who is switching from another device, therefore, is arguably much more valuable than a repeat buyer.

MacDailyNews Take: As more and more people wake up, see iPhone’s superior resale values vs. pretend iPhones from South Korean dishwasher makers and worse, they want to invest their money in quality, instead of wasting it every time they saddle themselves with a fake iPhone. More and more people want to stop being PITA green bubbles and experience a real iPhone for themselves.

A good example of this is the growth in paid subscriptions — including both third-party and native subscriptions — on its platform. Paid subscriptions across its user base were 860 million by the end of fiscal Q3, up by more than 160 million over the year-ago period. Further, Maestri said its “transacting accounts, paid accounts, and accounts with paid subscriptions all grew double digits year over year.”

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