9 Tips for Power Users of Chromecast with Google TV

9 Tips for Power Users of Chromecast with Google TV

Google wants you to use Assistant and the Apps tab in the new Google TV interface to download new apps and games on your Chromecast. The full Play Store is still loaded, but there’s no user-facing icon to launch it. So if you want to force update some apps, switch user accounts, or stop auto-updates, you’ll have to figure out a way to get to that Play Store.

It’s been over a year since Google released their updated Chromecast, which introduced us to a new Google TV interface and caused a rift with the hundreds of Android TV devices we’d seen up to that point. Because of its low price and positive user experience, the new Chromecast is one of the most obvious purchases for many Android fans and even more non-techies. It’s simple to follow Google’s suggestions and use this Chromecast as intended, but if you want to get the most out of it, we’ve compiled a list of power-user advice particularly for you.


  • But don’t get too carried away as not all buttons are created equal on that remote and it’s better if you know what you’re getting into before you start messing around. That’s why I created a table for you to see which buttons and functionalities are the most safely customizable, along with a full tutorial here. Once you’ve become familiar with Button Mapper, you can assign a shortcut to take a screenshot on your Chromecast. I usually go for a long press on the Home button. This is perfect for sharing your latest gaming achievements or a moment from the show or movie you’re watching — or sending tips to Android Police. We use it a lot too on the team, that’s how all the screenshots in this post and in my Android TV tutorials and reviews are taken.

  • Button Mapper is one of my favorite apps on any Android TV because it allows me to control what each remote button does. There are buttons I don’t touch (the D-pad for example), but others can be customized to do whatever you want. Whether you prefer another streaming service instead of Netflix, or you’d like some shortcuts to open your favorite apps, you can assign this functionality to single, double, and long presses on some of the remote’s buttons.