8th edition of the Magic City Turkey Trot which raises funds for local synchronized skaters

8th edition of the Magic City Turkey Trot which raises funds for local synchronized skaters

Back home, he grew up with both of his parents as pastors.

Aside from those passions, he’s the kids’ pastor at Evangel church in Bismarck and it’s that passion that brought him to the Peace Garden State from Fort Wayne, Indiana.


  • Evangel is his first pastoral position but Jorris had worked with kids for a long time.

  • “They’ve been there for as long as I’ve been alive, serving kids and families in their community,” said Jorris. “Now I’m here in Bismarck 1,000 miles away doing the same thing. It feels really good.”

He was doing a lot of what he does today; preaching the word but by way of unicycling, juggling, and tricks that are perfect for kids.

Plus, he traveled the country in recent years as an Evangelist.

It was on the road when he realized he wanted to reach more people. He said, “I wish I could make videos and all different kinds of content for kids and families to watch together to grow closer in a relationship with them and ultimately with God, so that’s what happened.”

His YouTube channel consists of a rap album of bible verses, silly bible-based songs, vlogs, and a special video relating back to one of those first passions he mentioned.

“I just love making content for people. I love making people laugh.” Of all the content on the Internet, he hopes kids find their way to his.

Ultimately, Jorris’ motto comes down to his favorite Bible verse; “I want to let my light shine, before others that they may see my good deeds but understand that I’m only good because of my savior.” He says it’s a reminder to be good not for oneself, but for others.

While his online content can reach all over… locally, he reaches about 500 kids a week at Evangel. “I know a lot of their names and I love being able to high-five them, and know where they’re at in life and in their faith and in their families,” said Jorris. “I think it’s just so much fun. And I also get to juggle and play, and ride unicycles and do crazy magic tricks on stage for them every week, so that’s fun too.”

Still, that’s not the only thing keeping Kyle Jorris in the capital city. “The families, the people, and my friends that I’ve made here are just so valuable to me. All those friendships and relationships that I have, make it meaningful to stay here. But ultimately, God called me to be here, I wouldn’t be here without him.”

“I’m hoping Chick-Fil-A succeeds for the rest of my life here in Bismarck so I can have chicken nuggets as much as I want, ’til the day I die.” And while he says it’s God that led him to his ministry work, he jokes that God also wouldn’t have led him to a place that didn’t have Chick-Fil-A. Low and behold, it’s being built just in the knick of time.