8 cycle paths worth exploring around Ranchi

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, people around the world have found solace in cycling activities. This increase in the popularity of cycling has been visibly evident in Ranchi, where cyclists are seen on the roads more than ever.

Ranches are turning to bicycles in an effort to avoid crowded public transport during the coronavirus pandemic and explore the hinterland.

In recent times, Instagram and Facebook people’s profiles have been inundated with photos of new places that maybe aren’t even listed on Google. We’ve put together some of the most popular routes discovered during the COVID-19 blockade.

The Blue Pond This pond was formed in an abandoned quarry where rainwater and soil filtered to form a beautiful lake. The color of the lake is pristine blue due to the black granite underneath and it closely resembles the emerald lakes of the Himalayas or those found in the islands of South Asia. It is now regularly visited by various groups of cyclists due to its proximity to the city. The ride to the lake and the return are equivalent to about 40 km with mainly flat terrain.

Route: turn right onto the ring road from Tipudana and cycle towards Balsaring …

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