7 word puzzle games to try besides Wordle

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Words With Friends: Connect with friends and family by challenging them to a round of Words With Friends. Build words off each other and try to get the highest score. The longer the word, the more points you get. Wordscapes: With its No. 2 spot in the “Word” category on the app store and over 600,000 five-star reviews, Wordscapes is clearly popular. Challenge your brain while relaxing your mind as you find words with different scenic backgrounds on every level. Cryptogram: Decode and decipher famous quotes, ranging from historical to modern sayings.

You could be looking for a fresh challenge after seeing millions of people complete the same Wordle problem every day. Here are seven more word puzzle games to help you branch out and polish your vocabulary in different ways. Scrabble Go: With Scrabble Go, you can play classic Scrabble anywhere. Download the app and play multiplayer mode with your pals. Play Boggle With Friends and see how many words you can spell before the timer runs out! Complete daily tasks and participate in live tournaments against other players.


  • Crossword Quest: Fill out crosswords on every level and earn rewards to help gain hints. Each “chapter” on Crossword Quest offers different visual designs from the desert to the rainforest. Word Cookies: Prepare for your new addiction. Make as many words as you can from five letters and go up the ranks in your Word Cookies skills, leveling up from positions like “Novice Chef” to “Home Baker.” ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ has come to an end after 19 seasons. The 6-week Depp-Heard trial is coming to an end. Here’s what to expect from the verdict


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