5 ways to create yours Laptop More Suitable for games

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Even though it sounds very basic, it is extremely important to keep your laptop clean. In addition to that, it is important to maintain a good airflow for the laptop. Dust buildup on the laptop can reduce the gaming performance. It is because the dust will contribute to reducing the airflow, which in turn will create overheating issues. With the overheating issue of the laptop, the GPU and the processor will slow down, and it will act as an obstacle to a seamless gaming experience. Therefore, go for a cooling pad and deep clean your laptop from time to time. Always try to use your laptop in the indoor environment whenever possible to keep it safe from dirt.

To have a fantastic gaming experience, one does not always require a gaming laptop. Even if you have a perfectly functional laptop, you can tweak it for a better gaming experience. When there is a latency issue and a greater FPS, a laptop can provide an excellent gaming experience. Thankfully, there are several ways in which a laptop may be optimised for gaming. Here are five methods to make your laptop more gaming-friendly.


  • When overclocking the graphic card, you can push your graphic card to perform better. This option of overclocking is easily available for Nvidia GPUs and AMD. However, when overclocking, you will face power and heat issues. It is because overclocking make your laptop use more electricity. Therefore, we recommend you make the required changes in the power settings to avoid battery issues. Further, overclocking increases the temperature of the GPU. You should not worry about this because the laptop’s built-in cooling system takes care of it but still uses a cooling pad to avoid any overheating issues.

  • The sure-shot way of upgrading your laptop for an enhanced gaming experience includes updating your graphic cards. A regular update will ensure that the previous bugs are fixed. An updated graphic card driver enhances the gaming experience almost instantly. In addition to that, you can also go for tools like TapTap, which can prove to be handy for clearing the levels of games like hyper-casual games. Also, look for options such as Auto Clicker if possible to make the game easier for smarter gameplay. Before updating your graphics card driver, carry out a backup to avoid any accidental deletion of data.

Even though the hardware and drivers and the configuration play a key role in improving the gaming experience, one cannot underestimate the role of internet speed. Even if everything is taken care of, but your internet speed is low, you will have trouble playing an online game. The issue will generally arise in the form of lagging. If you face lagging issues even while playing a light game on your laptop, you need to upgrade your internet speed. You can also switch to ethernet cables to get the maximum internet speed from your router while enjoying an online gaming session. Another way of getting a higher internet speed while playing games is by moving closer to the router.

Running too many background apps will reduce the gaming performance. Running background apps is especially helpful if you are playing online games. It is because the apps which are running in the background also consume the internet. This divides the bandwidth of the internet and can create lagging issues. When you close the background apps, you improve the laptop’s performance not just for gaming but also for normal activities. Closing the background apps also increases the FPS of the laptop.

If you are using Windows 10, you can also switch on the game mode. This feature automatically stops all the background activities to enhance the gaming experience. Also, you can optimize your laptop’s power setting by enabling high-performance. Enabling this option will rapidly drain your laptop’s battery, but you can always turn it off once you are done playing. The above-recommended ways not only will optimize your laptop for gaming but will enhance the performance of your laptop in general.


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