$ 30 off: Buy Senheiser’s new CX True Wireless earbuds

$ 30 off: Buy Senheiser's new CX True Wireless earbuds

The Sennheiser CX have fundamentally the very same style and design as their predecessors but give some little but noteworthy advancements with a decrease $130 listing cost. They are now $30 off or $100 at Amazon.

Again in July Sennheiser launched its CX Genuine Wi-fi earbuds, the comply with-up to the CX 400BT True Wi-fi, a extra very affordable different to its excellent Momentum Legitimate Wi-fi 2 earbuds.


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  • The price drop is not surprising given that the CX 400BT was regularly on sale for $ 100 and even dropped to $ 80 on Amazon Prime Day this year. Still, $ 100 is a good deal for the new CX, which is thick enough to stick out of your ears but sounds great for the price, with good clarity and well-defined bass.

The CX adds an additional microphone to each button, enhancing the voice calling experience and making it easier for callers to hear your voice, even in noisy environments.

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The headphones do a good job of muffling background noise, although some of it is filtered out when you speak during calls (there’s a local tone feature that lets you hear your voice at the buttons).

However, to be clear, these are not active noise-canceling headphones, they simply offer noise reduction for calls.

The step-up Sennheiser CX Plus ($ 180) has active noise cancellation, but that model was released last month and has yet to go on sale (but it certainly could this holiday season). The buttons are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and presumably an improved chipset. Battery life is up to 9 hours at moderate volume levels (slightly bulky charging case stores three additional charges) versus 7 hours for the previous model.

These are splash proof, with an IPX4 water resistance rating. And along with SBC and AAC audio codecs, the headphones also support aptX streaming for aptX-enabled devices, including certain Android smartphones. The new CX (left) alongside the CX 400BT (right). The design differences are cosmetic, but the CX has some interior improvements.

The buds are outfitted with Bluetooth 5.2 and presumably an upgraded chipset. Battery existence is up to 9 several hours at average quantity concentrations (the slightly cumbersome charging situation shops an further 3 costs) vs . 7 hrs for the past product. These are splash-proof, with an IPX4 drinking water-resistance ranking. And together with the SBC and AAC audio codecs, the buds also support aptX streaming for aptX-enabled products, which include things like sure Android smartphones.