2022 could be the most important year for Apple Look again

2022 could be the most important year for Apple Look again

It’ll be rather easy to come up with a list of things I desire after the year Apple Watch had in 2021. The most usable and convenient Apple Watch will always be the greatest Apple Watch, but there are lots of ways to improve it.

The iMore crew is thinking about what Apple has in store for its products in the new year now that the year is coming to a close. I’ll concentrate on the Apple Watch.


  • Apple Watch Redesign

  • I’m going to divide this into two sections: what I want to see and what I anticipate seeing. What I’d want to see is a scenario in which I can dream large and suggest some adjustments that I might like but aren’t really achievable. What I anticipate to see is a more cautious estimate of what the Apple Watch will look like in 2022.

The Apple Watch hasn’t been significantly redesigned since its inception — outside of some increases in the case and screen size — so a new look for the Apple Watch would definitely make more than a few heads turn. I’m not necessarily going to guess exactly what the redesign would be, but whatever it is, needs to be more ergonomic. I don’t want a big square edge hitting my wrist when I bend my wrist back and I’ll welcome any design that changes that.

I know last year we got a lot of rumors about a redesigned Apple Watch that never came to fruition, and I wasn’t necessarily super stoked on the direction the rumors were showing, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think a redesign would be awesome.

I want watchOS to be a much bigger update in 2022. It’s not like watchOS 8 is bad, on the contrary, it allows you to get a lot more accomplished from your wrist than ever before. But, it was lacking any big breakout features that we’ve seen before.

Blood Glucose monitoring, a widely enhanced Mindfulness app, a redesigned Home screen that makes better use of the new size of the Apple Watch Series 7, are just a few directions I want apple to go in 2022 with it’s Apple Watch software.

In any case, I want watchOS 9 to have big new features that make people’s lives easier and help people keep a healthy mind and body. Rugged Apple Watch

My last big wish is that we do see the rumored Rugged Apple Watch. I know it’s a smaller market, but people who do extreme sports would love to be able to track their sports in a safe and efficient way, and Apple certainly has the means to make it happen. Before you say it, yes, I know you can buy rugged cases for your Apple Watch already, but imagine if a Rugged Apple Watch was built from the ground up with much better protection in mind. The water resistance could be increased, the design could be bigger and bulkier to accommodate a bigger battery, and yes, the Rugged Appel Watch could even come with different sensors that are better and track certain extreme sports.