15 Best JustDubs Alternatives of 2020

If you love to watch Anime online then you must have heard of JustDubs. It has been one of the most popular Anime streaming platforms. Anyone would love an easy user interface that is easy to navigate through the huge anime database. Thus, the reason behind the popularity of JustDubs is the same, it is because of its relevancy and ease of usage.

Though many people love it, there are many who want to move to something else or want to try something new. There also may be some users who are unable to access the site because of some unknown reasons, the reasons may be a restriction by their country or network. So, what to do now. We are here to help both the people who want something new and the people who have to use something else. Here’s our reviewed list of 15 Best JustDubs Alternatives that are also good as JustDubs to use.

Down below we will be covering information about every alternative website to JustDubs. These alternative websites will provide you with more features with the previous features you used to use in JustDubs. Not only that, if you have access to different anime series websites then the chances of finding any anime series get more as you can find them at least in one of those sites. So, in order to cover the whole syllabus of your anime streaming wishes, knowing different anime streaming sites is inevitable. Even if after visiting the below websites you are unable to find the anime series or especially any anime movie, then just give it a minute and have a look at our ways to download movies through 13377x torrents. Before trying that you should have a look at the 15 best JustDubs Alternatives.

JustDubs Alternatives in 2020

Anime Streams:

Anime Streams is a website which offers a user interface that is fantastic. Just because of its layout anime viewers prefer this website over any JustDabs alternative available out there. Not only that but its graphical user interface will allow you to quickly locate your favourite as well as new streaming solutions. Each menu and the sections of the site utilize this user interface to get a suitable organization. Overall, using this site for viewing your favourite anime show is a fantastic experience simply because of the user interface.

Apart from that, all of the anime show present on Anime Streams can be found in high definition. Because of this, the stream’s grade matches the design and the quality of the website. Since they weren’t published in high definition, a number of the anime series present on Anime Series isn’t in high definition. But if you’re okay with that, Anime Streams can be a fantastic choice to JustDubs as everything else on this site is perfect.


WatchDub is another great choice to JustDubs as both of these providers as well as subbed anime series for their customers. Not only finding your favourite anime show is due to the design of this site. Not only that but it has various navigation features which allow you to discover new anime series which you might like. And each one the anime show is present in high quality on the WatchDub site. You will have a great experience watching anime whichever device you’re using.

Not only that but unlike some other websites available out there, WatchDub comes with an inbuilt media player. For this reason, you’ll have the ability to see any show right on this site. On the flip side, other music streaming providers offer you a streaming URL. And you have to use this URL in apps like VLC on your own devices. This can be a little frustrating for many users who don’t understand how to stream using VLC. Thankfully, that is not the case with WatchDub due to its media player that is inbuilt.


Though YouTube is not a streaming service, it is still the biggest video streaming platform online. Due to this, you’ll be able to locate almost all anime series. And the best thing about YouTube is it is totally free to use. Not only that but since everyone can upload any movies you will have the ability to find your favourite anime series. They might be uploaded on YouTube by some small channel on the market.

Since Google developed this site, it offers a user interface. This user interface is much better than any other site talked about in this article. Apart from that, while signed up with your Google Account if you’re using YouTube, it will even show you recommendations of the show according to your history. Not only that but YouTube also offers iOS as well as apps for both Android. So you can enjoy your favourite anime show these are helpful.

Anime Story:

Anime Story offers one of the best collections of Anime series which can be found on the internet. There are both subbed. Not only that but when you consider that this website is totally free to use, it even offers a lot of features in comparison with its competitors. They don’t get in your way while appreciating Anime reveals on Anime Story As you may see some ads here and there.

Apart from that, discovering Anime shows on Anime Story is rather simple and straight ahead. You will find a search option on Anime Story which even provided you with filtering options. And you will become various sections on this site like categories which can be useful for users. Overall, the user interface and design of Anime Story is good. This site appears quite good and contemporary making it easy to use. But the best thing about Anime Story is that besides streaming Anime Series on your browser, then you may use this support for downloading Anime episodes.


kissanime justdubs alternatives

KissAnime is among the hottest anime streaming solutions out there. A number of internet users use KissAnime on a normal basis. It is among the best alternatives to JustDubs website on the world wide web. And like JustDubs anime, you will find both subbed too as dubbed anime series on this website. Though it offers both subbed and dubbed anime, it offers its users with one of the anime libraries. Because of this, if you are not able to find your favourite anime series, you should consider checking out them on KissAnime.

Apart from all of this, it even offers various features that are useful to its consumers. Attributes give you a much better viewing experience whilst enjoying anime show on KissAnime. But nonetheless, it offers other anime content like music, images, books, and much more that is appreciated by hardcore anime lovers. However, the best part about this site is its user interface that is. It allows you to navigate through all the different segments present on KissAnime.

Crunchy Roll:

crunch roll

Crunchy Roll is one of the best anime streaming websites on the market. Though it is not free to utilize Crunchy Roll, the paid subscription is totally worth it when you consider the big media library of this site. It may be regarded as the Netflix of the anime world as it is principally used by hardcore anime lovers who can afford a monthly subscription. Not just it also offers you a large media library, but you will find one of the best user interfaces available on the market.

And just like YouTube, Crunchyroll also offers you mobile programs for both Android and iOS. For this reason, people who favour devices for media consumption will favour Crunchyroll over any other websites. Not only that but it offers anime show in UHD 4k. This feature will be appreciated by a lot of users that are using 4K TVs for enjoying their favourite anime show. And you’ll be able to find.

Anime TV Show:

Anime Show TV is a website with the User interface multimedia content layout, latest and amazing anime collection and so forth. The odd part about this site is you have discussion sections here and anyone can combine them. The site is categorized in sections like trending, most-watched, most popular, and so on. This way you can decide what to wish to see. The only bad part here is they might be concealed as well and ads will finally interrupt you. But then that’s what free sites earn from!

Anime Heaven:

Anime Heaven is among the hottest anime streaming solutions that can be found online. It can be deemed one of the best alternatives to JustDubs website on the internet. It offers a fantastic balance between material quality and volume even though the whole service is totally free. You may easily locate any series or show on Anime Heaven in top quality. Not only that but the consumer can either download or stream music show on Anime Heaven. And you can certainly do all this directly from the Anime Heaven website without the necessity of any third-party program installed on your PC.

You’ll see a huge list of HD anime displays on Anime Heaven which comprises both subbed as well dubbed versions. Due to this, Anime Heaven is going to be appreciated with sort of Anime audiences even if they don’t watch dubbed anime. Apart from having a fantastic and easy to use the website, Anime Heaven also offers its users using mobile programs. This usually means you can easily love anime through Anime Heaven while laying in your own bed.

GoGo Anime:

GoGo Anime is an Indian based anime streaming site which is just another JustDubs Alternatives. It’s among the anime streaming solutions found online. You may use it to watch a library of both subbed and dubbed anime series in high definition. Not only that but you can also do this right on your smartphone due to its adaptive user interface. The entire GoGo Anime website adapts perfectly even with mobile devices. As a result, you will have exactly the same viewing experience regardless of what device you’re currently using for enjoying your favourite anime show.

Not just that this streaming service is totally free to use, but you do not have to signup on this website. This means you could begin enjoying a few of the best anime shows immediately with GoGo Anime. Then you do not have to go through the hassle of earning an account on GoGo Anime only to try it out if you’re a user. Among the best things about GoGo Anime is that it has a media library that is updated. As a result, you can find the newest Anime displays in addition to both old on GoGo Anime.


If you understand anything about streaming services which can be found on the internet, it’s likely that you have learned about Netflix. While Netflix isn’t a dedicated anime streaming support, just like YouTube, you can find some Anime show. Not just that but Netflix is famous for its own exclusives. This means you will see some show on Netflix that aren’t available on any other streaming agency on the internet. like Crunchyroll, Netflix is not free to use. Instead, it requires a monthly paid subscription. However, this subscription is justified by all options and the features it offers. Not just that but you will also find one of the best user interfaces in this website. And like YouTube, even Netflix offers cellular programs to its own users. This means you could watch Netflix on any of your apparatus on the go.


Anime-Planet the second site on our list may be used to see anime, and the thing is that legal. If you are someone who’s against piracy, do not want to spend money and want to see anime then it’s one of the best bet. Anime-Planet streams anime out of Crunchyroll which is an official anime distributor. (We will cover it in details later.)

It is a website which receives more than 10 million visits per month. Anime-Planet is made by anime fans to the fans, it is maintained by a group of people. If you want, you can contribute to their site, you will need to sign up. This site covers thousands of series and you could browse manga from there. It is a good site.

Crazy Cartoon:

CartoonCrazy is another website that could act as JustDubs choice as it’s a massive group of their best and favourite anime shows. This doesn’t have any advertisements and is a website. Register to use this website or you don’t need to signup.

The site includes an interface that is user-friendly that is fresh. There are a variety of classes which will allow you to find the best anime shows. Categories like Top-rated, most-watched, Trending, Latest episodes, etc., allow you to locate appropriate anime. There are languages and various subtitles accessible here.


Sidereel is not exactly a website dedicated to Anime but has a vast gamut. It is made of Movies, Cartoons, Drama, TV Shows innumerable genres and so forth. It has also contained movies and shows and therefore we’ve mentioned it at the alternatives list. Even though you won’t find the stuff over this website, you are able to go through preceding Anime series. If you’re looking for older episodes or much more than just anime, then this site would be the ideal option.


Animestreams is one anime that has an interface that is alluring. The user interface adds to the appearance of the site. The site works as the best Justdubs option as it has content quite like Justdubs. The website contains episodes of anime. You will experience great speed over this website. This because it is optimized. The movies can be found in HD quality.

Anime Lab:

Anime Lab is among the anime streaming websites. This is one other option if you want to stream anime lawfully. It’s among the very few anime streaming sites for which you have to cover to get access. After all, people who don’t pirate cover the content. And, it is great to encourage people who make anime, if you do you too should do exactly the same.

But, Anime lab is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. It is possible to use in case you are not from those 2 nations, a VPN to get their website and watch anime. Anime Lab offers both paid and free membership plans. With their programs, you can only watch some anime collection, whereas you have access to over 400 anime collection.