10 Best Digital NoteBook 2020 – Choose the best one for you!


Paper NoteBooks are not much efficient to use anymore. Paper gets over, leaving wasted papers after use and then you’ll also need to invest in a new one. But, you won’t have to deal with it if you have a Digital NoteBook. The notebooks are also suitable as Digital Lab NotebooksClass NoteBooks or can also be used for taking notes anytime.

Imagine having a NoteBook with unlimited pages, unlimited writing capacity, and customizable. But choosing Digital NoteBook that is suitable for your work and needs is hard. In today’s competitive world there are millions of brands, hence choosing the right Digital NoteBook might become harder. Don’t worry. We are here to help you with choosing your ideal NoteBook through our researched list of Top 10 Best Digital NoteBooks 2020.

10 Best Digital NoteBook

Searching for the best is nearly useless as it depends on the many factors like the type of work you are using it for, your point of view for a better Digital NotePad. Many need one for their work, many for their classes, many for taking notes during meetings and much more. If anyone determines the one that only supports alphabets, with the work of a Fashion designer, then that NoteBook is useless for that work. So we made a list full of the details related to the features and work capabilities of the Digital NotePadsout there in the market.

Boogie Board – With 8.5 Inches LCD Display:

This unique Notebook comes with a rechargeable 3V battery. It gets easier for you to take it anywhere because of its slim design with the hard frame covering it. It also comes with a pen to write with on it. You can also enable the TouchWriting, to draw or write with the touch of your fingers. These illustrations drawn by fingers are much accurate. You can also draw with different thicknesses as it has pressure sensors on its display. These pressure sensors determine the thickness of the lines depending on the pressure you apply to it.

It can be a better choice for students as it provides many more features than other devices in the market, at an affordable price. Most importantly, it allows up to 50 erases which is much more than other products at this price range. The portability and durable design make it suitable for students. The only feature it lacks is that it can’t store images.


  • Stylish and unique design
  • Large display
  • Thin and small adds to the portability
  • Accurate display of lines

  • Does not save images

ACECAD Pen Paper – Digital NotePad For iOS Devices:

This amazing Digital NoteBook can store anything you write or draw on it. Most of them don’t support any other device except Windows, which limits their usage. But this also supports iOS devices. Anything you write or illustrate on this one can be transferred to your iOS devices.

The small size makes it easier to take it with you, you can easily take it in your pocket. It comes with a rechargeable battery that runs up to 8 hours. Not enough battery life yet it is useful for students. It can be a better choice for those who are struggling with their iPad or any other device, then this might be the right one to upgrade to.


  •  Affordable price
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Decent storage

  • Low Battery Life

XP-Pen Star05 2.4G – Best For Drawing:

Are you a graphics designer? Or an architect designer? Or are you involved in a work that includes lots of drawings? If yes, then this one may be the right one for you. This wireless digital notebook is the best for drawing. This tablet-like Digital NotePad can be connected to your PC through wired or wireless.

It has lots of features in it to help in your way to perfect design as a Graphic designer or any kind of designer. This device can give you a total battery life of 14 hours after a full charge of 2.5 hours. It can store enough notes and drawings. Hence, it is not much expensive it also can be used by students to take notes and illustrations. Even if you are a professional designer this can be the best for you as working for long hours won’t stop you because of its 14 hours battery life. As this Digital NoteBook contains many features, it also helps to increase the creativity of students and make their work easier.


  • Ideal design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging time

  • Because of lots of features and options, it may be complex for users in the beginning.

E-More LCD Graphic Digital NoteBook:

Do you want to make your child more creative by using a Digital NotePad? Choosing a NoteBook for your children may be hard. So, we got this for you. The E-More LCD Graphic Writing Tablet might be the best for your children. It can be used with normal paper that allows you to easily convert them to digital forms of writing or illustrations, helping you to increase the creativity of your children.

Safety is the main thing we look for when buying anything for our children. This Digital NoteBook is safe for your child without any radiation. It even allows you to take up to 100,000 notes, which is much more than others at this price range. It also has a pressure-sensing display that determines the thickness of the line to be drawn depending on the pressure you apply.


  • Perfectly safe
  • Multifunctional
  • AffordableExtremely accurate
  • 1-year warranty included

  • The screen size is a little small

Sony DPT-RP1/B 13 Inches Digital NoteBook:

If you are a serious student wanting to make a change to the world or if you are a serious entrepreneur, this comes to the top of the list for you. Sony DPT-RP1/B is a device with lots of functions and features.

Most amazingly, it has a battery backup of up to 1 week, which makes it highly expensive. You can store writings, drawings, and illustrations in the 16GB storage. For its long battery life and high storage, we recommend it for entrepreneurs and high graduated students or it can also be used as a lab notebook. It can store all of your documents and files in it. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi. The data can be transferred through USB or BlueTooth to both Windows and Apple Devices. This is the best out there for professional businessmen and students, with a high price tag.

This review video may also help you understand the features of the Sony DPT-RP1.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIC7r5nPOUI[/embedyt]


  • Extremely functional
  • Small and portable
  • Can be used for almost anything
  • Compatible with all devices

  • Too Expensive

Cyberpad 8.5X11 Digital NotePad:

The Cyberpad 8.5X11 comes with Windows XP. With the five buttons to manage the system, you can make it ready to use without much technical knowledge. This Digital NoteBook is one of the best out there for students.

It can be used with normal paper and is compatible with Windows. As it has a USB port, you can easily connect it to your PC and copy the files. All necessary features required for writing notes are available in this one. With its handwriting changing feature you can change your handwriting with any other font if you think your handwriting is not readable. This feature makes it better for students.

Though the battery life is not too long, it has a big LCD that helps you to read and write easily. The problem with this Digital NotePad is that the Windows version needs to be the equal version of your PC. It means if your PC has a higher version of Windows then you’ll also have to upgrade this one to that version.


  • Small and portable
  • Decent LCD
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Reasonably priced

  • Windows needs to be upgraded

SolidTek DM-L2 – 11 Inches Digital NotePad:

This Digital NoteBook is one of the best for students who need a wide NoteBook for taking notes, drawing sketches, etc. You can write on it using normal paper and any pen, making it easier to use. It also has Handwriting recognition software that helps you to change your handwriting to a digital format writing or any other font you want.

This one comes with 32MB memory which is enough as a Digital NoteBook to store all pieces of information of the day. It runs on 3 AAA batteries, it is specially made for those who go for far from home so they can pack loads of extra battery and use it without worrying about electricity.

This interactive digital notebook can take notes, images and more, helping you to note down everything you see. You’ll need Windows 2000 or XP to integrate it with your PC. It has a slim and durable design that makes it easily portable.


  • 32MB memory
  • Simple and easy to used
  • Allows you to keep notes organized
  • Long battery life

  • Quite expensive

RoWrite Smart Digital NoteBook:

RoWrite is well known for building quality Digital NoteBook. This digital notebook is quite different. You can place your writing pad on it and write or draw as usually you do, with the help of electromagnetic pen it records your movement and reflects it on the synced display with high accuracy. Hence it allows you to work digitally and also use your analog instruments.

It immediately saves your writings to the cloud. Because of this online saving option, you can have unlimited storage on your device. It can also be used for graphics designing. Loads of features included in it let it be used in any work. With the handwriting recognition software, it can change your writing to any other fonts you want.


  • Live Viewing.
  • Changeable pen color & style.
  • Carry folio is well designed.
  • Affordable Price.

  • Paper refills have to be the exact dimensions or official RoWrite paper.
  • Battery Life Could’ve been better.

Newyes Robot NotePad:

This is another better Digital NoteBook for children. This a NotePad as it doesn’t store or memorize anything, it just lets you write on it and then erase it and repeat. It is a good choice for giving it to your child. As it has no kind of connectivity so it is radiation-free and safe for your children. It is thin and light. The Digital NoteBook is framed with hard material so that it is durable in the hands of your children.

You can also use it to take daily notes and stick it on any metal surface with its magnets. It is not focused for work use, its main focus is to be used for your children and help them to increase their creativity.


  • Simple, straightforward.
  • Child-friendly.

  • Limited Functionality.

reMarkable Paper Tablet NoteBook:

The reMarkable Paper Tablet is among the most interesting and innovative stuck out to us and takes on a digital tablet we can find. As soon as it’s got a price point compared to all of the other devices we examined, nothing felt when it came to a balance between performance and niftiness.

The screen is big and sunlight-friendly and uses CANVAS technologies to produce a screen somewhere between that of a Kindle plus a bit of paper. It’s created for composing, sketching and reading, letting you export and import PDFs notes eBooks and doodles via WiFi capability.

How To Chose The Ideal Digital Notebook For You

Selecting a digital notebook isn’t hard. As we have already mentioned, the majority of them contain identical essential features and this might be all you want. But, we did use a couple of features that are important or attributes we felt were significant when making the choice. Here are the features:


If you are on the go, portability is really important. You’d like to store it if you’ve got a camera for taking notes. However, the screen of the digital notebook should also be large enough for you to work and get your notes. We believe the screen size of a digital notepad is the most important thing you need to check when you start buying.


Memory is essential for storing notes. You need to have a memory if you’re supposed to use them later. However, in the event the digital notepad is utilized for kids, the memory may not be important. There should be no issue in regards to getting one, As nearly all of them can transfer data to your PC.


Whether you have an Apple or Windows device, you have to move the information to this particular device from your digital notepad. It is worth noting that some digital notebook is compatible with Windows and this is something. We recommend looking at this to ensure that the data read and could be transferred on your PC.


You might not need to have a huge battery life in your digital notebook if you are simply using the notepad from day today. If you have adequate battery life, then it gets the device perfect for traveling. Some of the top digital notebooks can be used for around 3-weeks when fully charged. The cost might be a little hefty on that digital notebook.

Added Features:

Should you do need features like advanced software, you may find them. They will be a bit more expensive. You can upload and upgrade the software of your digital notebook to meet your requirements if you’ve got a versatile choice.

Bluetooth is just another quality that simplifies lifestyle. It makes it simpler to transfer data from one device. The elite digital notepad may possess Wi-Fi connectivity and function the same. We recommend all of these extra features or they may be a waste of money.


Last but surely not least, we’ve got the guarantee. Possessing a warranty will give reassurance to you. You might have a display since most of these devices are extremely sensitive. In case you’ve got a decent guarantee, you may be protected your digital notebook from harm. We surely like to have a guarantee on digitally operated devices.

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